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Edexcel-CIE website deals with Edexcel and CIE examination boards only. Edexcel-CIE is intended to provide simplicity and easiness to students striving to achieve top grades with the right amount of effort and time. Our very specific notes and entailing questions along with past paper questions sculpt our students preparation to "A".

This project is started on the mere fact that on internet there are so many educational websites repleting the web. But none of them is directly addressing the needs of students. Students have to do a lot of monkey business in order to find the right topic which fits exactly to the requirement of their education board, CIE and Edexcel. Either, available websites give too much detail or too little which does not fulfill students needs. Thus Edexcel-CIE would provide the right repertoire in both spatial and temporal manner.

Edexcel-CIE is continuously expanding and we with the progression of time adding resources incessesantly. The project, Edexcel-CIE">Edexcel-CIE is gigantic and novel, therefore, addition of some resources may take few months for which we apologize. None of the giant feats is ever completed without the help of users. We will be honored if you point our mistakes. All teachers are more than welcome to freely use this website.

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Khalid Mazhar

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